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1. The Birds in Your Garden : what they are, why they're doing what they do and how to encourage them.

2. The Birds of Berkshire: looking at the rich variety of habitats and the birds associated with them.

3. Linking the Landscape in West Berkshire: how BBOWT is encouraging bio-diversity.

4. Six hundred years of the English Landscape in English Poetry: how literature reflects historical attitudes to nature.

5. Birding for Beginners: walks in a variety of habitats, looking for and identifying birds, as well as learning about their behaviour.

6. Birds in Literature: a talk on how birds have been presented in literature over the years.

7. The Culture and traditions of Iceland: fascinating stories from the Land of Fire and Ice.

8.Gardening for Wildlife: how to make your garden attractive to wildlife, especially birds.

9. Nature and Wellbeing: a look at the science behind our love of Nature. Why does a country walk make us feel better? What can you do to enhance your wellbeing?

PLUS if there is a topic to do with ecology, especially birds, or literature , about which you would like to learn, let me know, and I'll see what I can do!


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